09 January, 2008


Voices of Self-Determination. Why am I so passionate about disability issues and disability history? Go find out.


disabled-soapbox said...

Thank you so much for the plug. I encourage anyone who reads it to write a story them self. We want all kinds of stories from all over the world. Stories that demonstrate the power and possibilities you have when disabled. Teddy's story was dicated to his mom - me. Hussein's story was sent by the principle of his high school was asked Hussein if he's like to participate.

What's your story?

Eaquae Legit said...

I hope you see this here...

My story is long and rambly, and perhaps a bit strange. I spent a number of months in a "living in community" setting. Not as a job, more just as living. I have stories from my time there, but the real stories belong to the core members of the community. When I tell my stories, I do the best I can to tell their stories.

Last month, I wrote a bit of a memorial for one of the women I lived with, who recently died. That's part of my story. Several of the core members from the community have had movies made about them. There's a available on the website, and more on the videographer's website (he, Deiran, also lived in the community). They're truly excellent, and worth checking out.

Thanks for the kind comments. :) This blog is an episodic story-in-progress, because I'm far from the end.