06 January, 2008

Time Dialation

Time is speeding up. I'm estimating roughly two weeks before I fly, now. I've got so very much to do, and so many people to spend time with, and it feels like I have no time at all.

6th Jan - Hang out with big sister Steph.
7th Jan - Clean room. Chiropodist. Movie with brother?
8th Jan - Nothing yet. Clean room. [Visa arrives at British High Commission]
9th Jan - Doctor appointment. Optometrist. Dinner with Melissa?
10-11th Jan - Waterloo.
12-13th Jan - Rest. Clean Room. Begin packing.
14th/15th Jan - [Visa approved? Sent by courier?] Clean room. Organise books. Packing.
16th/17th Jan - Receive visa. Book flight. PACK. Panic.

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