24 January, 2008

Settling In, Day the First

C., who let me in, showed me my room and the basics of the house: kitchen, bathroom, common room. I started unpacking and discovered I had no sheets. I'd ordered them, but they were not there. Cranky me.

I mostly unpacked, and my room is small, but I've had a lot smaller and I will be fine. There's enough storage and space, or there will be once I get my bike unboxed. The sink plus was unbelievably grotty.

Honestly, I felt pretty wretched. With my linens undelivered, I had to shower with only a t-shirt to use as a towel, I knew no one, I couldn't use the phone (needs a phone card), and I couldn't get online. Plus, I was getting hungry. I did use the shower, because that's just plain essential after travelling, and went down to the kitchen and made myself a pot of tea. I parked myself in the common room, and so got to meet other residents. They all seem nice so far, and one even offered to show me the take-away curry. I was lost and hungry and she didn't feel like cooking, so it worked out very well. She also showed me the corner store and I got a few things for cooking with. Back at the house, we shared the curry around. It was not bad, but I've had better, and the room full of us watched "City of Vice." Hilarious.

Around 10, I gave my dad and Brent a call, having finally figured out the phone. I made myself a shopping list and used Excellent David's converter to plug my alarm clock in. I read for a short bit, and fell asleep.

(To be continued...)

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