09 January, 2008

Most Excellent Airline

Not only does Zoom Airlines have the cheapest flights I can find ($229 Toronto->Manchester), and not only do they transport bicycles free of charge, they also have a rather impressive "green" policy.

My favourite highlights:

  • All of our drinks tumblers will be made from corn starch instead of plastic. On-board cutlery and hot meal dishes will be made from sugar beet and cane products; and drinks stirrers will be made of wood from renewable sources.
  • Our tea, coffee, sugar and orange juice products – both on board our aircraft and in our offices – are all sourced from approved FairTrade suppliers, guaranteeing a fair price for the commodity producers in regions of Africa, Asia and Latin America. We’re also proud to be offering a choice of beers and wines on our flights, which will include FairTrade products.
  • Environment briefings for every staff member during induction and initial training – including providing them with low-energy light-bulbs to reduce their electricity usage and carbon output at home. [my emphasis]
  • Zoom is also actively focusing on environmental issues when agreeing service contracts with our suppliers including catering companies, ground handling companies and the hotels in which our aircrews stay.

What can I say? I'm impressed. Check this airline out, folks, if you're flying. Fares are cheap and you're reducing your enviro-footprint a little.

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