08 January, 2008

The one seamstress with a needle*

Today mum and I went fabric shopping. For my M.A. grad, she decided to make me a medieval(esque) dress as a gift. I say "esque" because I'm not a specialist in medieval textiles, and the fabric options are limited anyway. It's close enough for my SCA purposes. I'll have something to wear if I get involved with the re-enactment society at York.

The under dress is a delicious ecru sort of colour, not what I originally had in mind (I'd planned less brown), but it goes very nicely with the dark red fabric for the over dress. It takes an awful lot of fabric (15m, together), but it's going to look lovely. I'm quite excited. (The colours don't show up perfectly in the pics there.)

Pictures to follow.


I'd love to see him act out a gerundive. Perhaps atterendus.

And also: I want to be this guy. He has my dream life.

* If you don't "get" the title, you obviously need to read more Terry Pratchett.

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Alea said...

Oh, yes, you must show pictures! It looks like it'll be absolutely lovely from the before pics.