17 January, 2008

To Do, Thursday 17-01-08

I've got a lot to do tomorrow, so once again, I'm posting a to-do list. It's my blog, and I'll post as many as I want to. Nyah!

  1. See mum off to the hospital (0615hrs, please say a prayer for her surgery!) It went well!
  2. Haircut
  3. Salon
  4. Grocery store to buy berries for flying
  5. Call PC Financial re: account forwarding They say they can't do that and I need to be a resident of Canada to maintain the account. I smell something fishy.
  6. Visit credit union re: the same
  7. FIDO to put my phone on hold and cancel the voicemail while I'm at it
  8. Call OSAP re: Confirmation of Enrolment form They dragged their bleeping feet mailing me the form, so I call to get them to forward it to England and they can't because they mailed it today.
  9. Chiropodist (1330hrs, don't forget the shoes) Bastard. The orthodics guy screwed them up again and I have to send them back, which means I won't have them when I travel. At least he's going to have to pay the postage, not me. Sucker.
  10. CAA to buy traveller's cheques (Curse you, Canadian markets! Couldn't you have tanked next week?)
  11. Photocopy paperwork
  12. Optometrist (1545hrs, wear contacts and bring specs) ZOMG AWESOME DOCTOR!
  13. Lenscrafters I can SEEEEEE!
  14. Visit mum She's doing good, what a relief!

Busy day. Will be tired at the end of it. Tea and pyjamas.

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