05 January, 2008

The Same the World Over

I should have been more careful. I've been applying for student loans for seven (eight?) years now. I've submitted two SSHRC applications and one Ontario Graduate Scholarship. I am not unfamiliar with the arcane and draconian regulations that one must adhere to. Actually, by now I should be actively seeking out the ways in which they trip you up. 1.42" margins? BAM! Helvetica font? BAM! 35x45mm passport photo? Err...

You see, Canadian passport photos are a different size from British ones. If you see the requirement "one passport-sized photograph," naturally you would go and get a passport-sized photograph taken. You can probably be forgiven for not realising this is not the normal Canadian size. I know I never took a ruler to my old passport pics.

But alas, our photos are bigger. Too big for a British visa application.

It's a fortunate thing that your generic and sketchy mall "4 photos in 3 minutes!" photo booth takes, you guessed it, 35x45mm pictures. So all my efforts to have a decent photograph for once are in vain.

I guess I still have the pictures.

Oh, and my application has now been submitted.

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