24 January, 2008

Settling In, Day the Third

On Wednesday I went down to main campus, making a few stops along the way, and getting a little lost as well. Fearing to go without contact another night, I bought an ethernet cord on the way down. When I got to campus, I realised I hadn't brought a photo and couldn't get my student card. But I went over to computer services and discovered that they give free cords to students in residence.

I also paid my residence fees. Then I had a few mouthfuls of lunch (the same awful couscous, but I felt guilty about tossing it). Then I hightailed it back to King's Manor to meet with my advisors.

That meeting went well, and I am now registered to a Latin class and a palaeography class. I'm not sure if they understand exactly what I'm trying to do or the background I'm bringing to this, but I smiled and I'm keeping an open mind. Of course, I am going to expend a lot of effort trying to prove that what I want to do is, in fact, doable and necessary. I hesitate to say that they are displaying the same blind spot to Disability Studies that has been in place for decades, but they're willing to keep an open mind as well. So I think this will work. Please note that I am not interested in physical disability right now, nor am I interested in "madness" as it has been traditionally studied. I am bringing entirely new constructs to the table (not that I created them, I'm just in a place to apply them). I'm excited about this challenge. And yes, keeping an open mind.

We also discussed other professional activities. There are a number of lecture/reading groups, and I am looking to get involved with the Religion Reading Group and the Household Seminar. I also got some (a ton!) of reading material to start slogging through. I will do so, dutifully, though I hate reading Chaucer. Maybe there's a modern translation so I can skim for the important bits?

After that, I came back to the house to change my shoes and try to get online. My computer was being stubborn, so I left it and went to get proper groceries. They have vegetarian haggis. Tell me that's not TOTALLY AWESOME. And tell me, oh you meatetarians, that you don't secretly think that you'd prefer vegetarian haggis.* Lettuce is hard to find. Mostly all they have is iceberg (ew) and teeny tiny little expensive heads of organic. Cheese good. Bread expensive. Booze very cheap.

Then I made haggis because I was STARVING. And a salad. And crumpets. Margarine here is scary. It's too bright. I think I might splurge on organic butter next time.

Then not much happened because I was exhausted and passed out.

* I've had the real thing. Twice. I'm allowed to talk.

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