24 January, 2008

Settling In, Day the Fourth

This should be the almost-last of these posts.

I got up again today and went down to campus, armed with a photo. I got my school card! The background picture is a duck. I took lots of duck pictures.

I registered at the campus clinic.

I found the Graduate Students Association dining hall. I also found the GSA office, and the Overseas SA.

I found the chaplaincy office, but he wasn't in.

I returned the ethernet cord I bought. The free one was short and made life difficult, so I asked if I could have another free one. I made some packing mistakes, but a fortunate whim was bringing my ethernet connector/extender. Ha! Take that, 20quid* cord!

I tried to open a bank account, but I didn't have an original offer of accomodation (because it was emailed to me), so I had to go to CMS and ask God to draft me one. Being full of awesome, she did.

I found St. Wilfrid's, the closest Catholic church to me.

I also took a lot of pictures of stuff. This is Clifford Tower. I think it was part of William the Conqueror's castle. I'll double-check. This is part of the old city wall. They call them "bar walls." The gates (which I thought I had a picture of but don't) are called "bars." This is an old church in the middle of the city. I'm not sure how old it is, but it looks cool. It has a courtyard in the middle, with some columns. There is an old Roman column that was dug up and re-erected, but I don't have a picture of that yet either. I do have a picture of the old Roman wall that was part of the original settlement. It was called "Eboracum" back then.

I also found the Staples and got some cheap pens and located the bic mechanical pencils. Victory! But I'm buying a bunch next time I'm in Canada.

And then I came back and made chana masala and it was delicious. Very delicious. I think I'm going to try it cold in a pita tomorrow for lunch, perhaps with a bit of yoghurt dressing. Mmmmm.

Yeah, I'm hungry again. And I have reading to do. But I've brought you up to date!

* "Quid" is easier to type than £.

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