12 January, 2008

Oh, SparkPeople, you are so timely

Today's article isn't 100% applicable to me, since I doubt I can bring fresh fruit and veggies on the trip, but I might give it a try. Pack a baggie of carrot sticks or something. Travelling is rough on a body, and I'd do well to minimize the damage.

I ordered the vegan meal on the flight (no just vegetarian option), and I think that'll be okay. Airplane meat is sketchy. Actually, given the length of the flight, and the fact that I get 1 snack and 1 meal, I'd better remember some snacks. Hypoglycemia at 40,000ft is not something I care to experience.

I often end up doing stretches on the floor in the terminal, and I usually get some funny looks. Hey, people, we're about to get stuck in a bunch of tiny tiny seats for 9 hours or so. I'm gonna be doing a lot of sitting, and I get sore. So stop looking at me funny, and sit and stretch with me. Trust me, you'll feel better!

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