24 January, 2008

Things I Have Learned

  • Watch out for buses. The side mirrors are dangerous.
  • British people really do like to queue.
  • "Mince." Thanks, Ramona!
  • Mock the Week, the bizarre love-child of Whose Line Is It, Anyway? and Royal Canadian Air Farce (Jon Stewart, for you Americans)
  • Vital wheat gluten is almost unheard-of here
  • British people hate Bic mechanical pencils. Or at least, they don't like stocking them and they charge a lot for them.
  • There are indeed a lot of ducks on campus.
  • Ugly campus art is universal.
  • "Salad cream" is gross and proper salad dressing is tough to find.
  • The peanut butter sucks.

I'm sure I will add more to this as time goes on.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

OK - for your salad dressings, you need to get yourself to an Asda. They're a local chain here owned by Walmart.
You've probably already found a Dixons or Curry's for electronics (similar to Future Shop/Radio Shack).