03 February, 2008


First really bad bought of homesick today.

My boyfriend and my best friend went to the symphony orchestra last night, and today they were both on camera together, having breakfast. When there's just one person on the other end, it's not too bad, it's like a phone call.

But when it's two people, and they're interacting, I can feel how much I'm missing, how much I wished all three of us could be having breakfast together.

I love it here. I'm settling in and I'm having lots of fun. There are so many adventures to be had!

I just wish the people I love could be here too so we could share them.

This is the first time I've really felt homesick, and I need to go out and do something or I'll just sit here and cry.

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Alea said...

*hugs* I know I can't speak for them, and I don't know that it'll make you feel better, but I'm sure they were wishing the same thing...that they were with you or you with them.