22 February, 2008

Checking In: It's Been a Month

Here are the goals I set myself for the first month I was here:

Ten One-Month Goals: (in no particular order)
1. Establish my kitchen. Find the staples, spices, and equipment that I will need in order to successfully feed myself.
Mostly done! Some things are very hard to track down here. Status: success!

2. Join the ju jitsu club.
I've been busy settling in. And somewhat intimidated. But I emailed the instructor and got the info on where to go and when, and I'm going to give it a try in the morning.

3. Find a church.
St. Wilfrid's, across the way from Yorkminster. Lovely old building, devilish uncomfortable pews.

4. Bike around campus and learn where the important buildings (admin, library, international students office, shops) are. Most of this has been accomplished on foot.

5. Have tea with at least two classmates or housemates.
A communal kitchen makes this extremely easy. I've gone out for dinner twice, cooked with people twice, made brownies and bread to share, and spent hours just sitting at the table with people.

6. Meet with my advisors and figure out my schedule (including Latin class).Have now met three times. Am slowly getting over terror.

7. Acquire a cheap Region 2 DVD player and Season 1 of F/X: the Series. Watch it. The house has a player, and the DVDs have been ordered but haven't arrived yet.

8. Chase some ducks. Check.

9. Make my room feel like home. I need another quilt and some proper bedsheets, but otherwise a success.

10. Spend at least one morning walking around the downtown. Have spent many mornings. And afternoons. And evenings. Gotta know where to get food, after all!

All in all: success!

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Jan said...

Yay for accomplishments. I can't believe it's been a month already. Time flies when you're just reading about it. ;)