10 November, 2007

Productivity! Question of the Day!

# of things on my list that got done? 0.

Working night shifts is kinda hell on my ability to function in the diurnal world. I did, however, write approximately 1.5k words of my lecture (okay, okay, I copied-and-pasted ~600 words, but they are highly relevant citations, I promise!) and I got my convocation tickets for next week.

So the day wasn't a total waste.

I can feel myself getting clingier and more pathetic, which is one part of my normal defence against this sort of anxiety. I start feeling the intense need to be around the people I am going to miss.

How do you react to anxiety of leaving people? More importantly, how do you deal with it?


Alea said...

I usually get physically sick but act mostly the same to the people in question.

I deal with it by keeping as busy as I can, doing anything I can.

Eaquae Legit said...

I don't do very good with the busy thing. I mostly want to curl up and cry.