09 November, 2007

Keeping Up With the To Do List

  • call OSAP re: Canada Study Grant for Females Pursuing Doctoral Studies (807-343-7260)
  • email York about expense breakdown estimate form
  • post expense breakdown form
  • set up line of credit
  • mail offer of admittance back to York
  • pick up SSHRC references
  • brush up and finalise SSHRC plan of study, including bibliography

This list (except the references) should be all crossed off by the end of the day. Then, it's waiting. When I get the paperwork back from OSAP, I will post all the financial info to York, and wait for the final offer of admittance, whereupon* I can apply for housing and a visa.

* Any piece of writing is improved by the inclusion of the word "whereupon."

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