27 November, 2007

One more step in the preparations

I might be playing a waiting game when it comes to paperwork, but goshdurnit, I can start getting ready in other ways.

Chief among them today were the acquisition of a set of Latin Scrabble tiles (hat tip to Brent, who picked them up for me), and purchasing a webcam. Now, I already have a webcam, myself, but it is not nearly so cool when there's no one to talk to. So before I go I am going to teach my mother and father how to use it. It's a lot cheaper than phones, to be sure.

The next thing on the list is a cellphone that is usable on British frequencies.

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Anonymous said...

I didn't have a webcam when I was in Germany, but I talked to my parents all the time on Skype. They do have a webcam and I think they hooked it up once or twice. Normally they used the headset with Skype, but there was at least one occasion where the internal mic in the computer was used, so that they could both talk to me at once. It was really funny wataching them, however, as they weren't looking at the camera, but starring out the window. Sitting side by side, not looking at each other, but I couldn't see what they were looking at either. It was a weird experience. (cathy)