08 March, 2009

Church bells

I am, honestly, sorry to anyone who's been faithfully checking this silly blog in the hopes I've written something new. My supervisors have said the U word - "upgrade" - and so I'm working full tilt on proving myself a viable academic.

But tonight I'm sitting up in the departmental work room, and I can see the west face of the Minster all lit up through the window. A few minutes ago, the bells tolled the hours.

England is a frustrating, silly place sometimes. But I love it here and when I leave, I'll miss the church bells.

P.S. No luck at SSHRC this year.

1 comment:

Jisan said...

Alison? did you go to University of Waterloo? stayed at St.Jeromes residence?
Not sure if you will remember me, but we were on the floor scarlet fever together. just wanted to say hi and thanks for the intro to the Ender's Game way back then...