23 February, 2011

This is just to say...

No, nothing about plums or iceboxes.

But I'm going to be making some changes here in the near future. There will be non-me contributors, which is the biggest news. I think this topic can benefit greatly from more interaction between scholars, so I've invited a couple colleagues to participate. We're going to be focusing less on grad student issues and more on the main topic - disability and impairment in the Middle Ages (and a little bit of the modern stuff, too). Hopefully we will evolve a solid blend of theoretical discussion, humour, news, and reviews.

The look will probably change some as well, but I hope that doesn't throw anyone off too wildly. I feel like the layout and design could be more accessible, so please bear with me/us as we settle back in.

To those intrepid few who have kept following all this time: thank you for your interest and/or inattention! Hope to see more of you soon!

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