03 June, 2008

No one's kicked me out yet!

I've discovered a wonderful new place to study. I take my handy-dandy membership card and my book, and I go sit in the Chapter House in York Minster. It's calm and quiet,* and there's really something to be said for reading medieval theology in a room constructed 700 years ago.

I sat there for two hours today, until the cold stone got to be a bit much for my keister to handle, and an hour and a half yesterday. I expect I will be making a regular pest of myself.

* Except for the occasional school group, but they don't generally stay long, and often I learn something from the tour guide.


meli said...

just wanted to say hello. came across you at ITM. i'm doing a phd at leeds, but i did a masters (in medieval literature) at York, and lived there for three years (loved loved loved it, and still visit frequently). i also used to work as a homecare worker with people with various disabilities, and read a lot of books by henry nouwen at that time. my supervisor at leeds (stuart murray) is very into disability studies, and a good friend of mine just completed a phd on the disabled and exceptional child in postcolonial narratives. your project sounds really interesting. so, er, nice to 'meet' you!

Eaquae Legit said...

Nice to meet you as well!

I do love Henri Nouwen, although I haven't read as many of his books as I'd like. Do you have a favourite?

In such a small and scattered field, it's always great to meet someone else interested (formally or casually). Do drop me a note if you're in town and up for a chat (but give me a bit of advance warning!).


meli said...

I'd have to say The Prodigal Son. I even went to St Petersburg to see the painting (well, I went there for Dostoevsky and ikons and colourful orthodox churches as well, but the painting was high on my list).

I'll let you know if I'm across your way, and maybe we can have a coffee in city screen or something. Sigh... I miss York. Enjoy the Chapter House!