10 June, 2008

De amicitia

One of the papers at the York-Norwich conference was on Friendship. Now, that person would have to be the one to tell you all the theory and texts behind it, but I just need to say that a friend is someone who will go dig through their academic library to find you some obscure article or resource you don't yourself have. And then will take pictures of it or scan it, and send it to you.

There's lots of other ways to define friendship, all totally valid. But once someone has done that for you, there's no denying.

A friend also encourages you when you're down, helps you clarify your thoughts, critiques drafts, suggests books, and tells you not to give up.

I have fabulous friends. Thanks, guys.


Rachel said...

Cheers!! Hope the article was helpful, at least! :)

lurchytopple said...

Hi, I know exactly what you mean when you talk about friends and their ways of scanning and sending you obscure book chapters. Glad to say, i have had my share of those. Stopped by your blog because I'm interested in medieval disability history. I am writing up my dissertation in India and thinking deep thoughts about the conceptual history of disability.

Beruriah said...

Hi there. I have a blog that starts from a completely different place, but am also a grad student in history - although of the 18th and 19th centuries. I have a developing personal and professional interest in disability studies. I just wanted to say hello as I'll be lurking around both of your blogs.