23 October, 2007

I need some cookies, please

As when travelling to any place where there is a notable linguistic difference, moving to England will present some challenges.

I will indulge with biscuits, not cookies.
If I want a biscuit, I'll have to ask for a scone.
Pants are not meant to be publicly visible.
Britain has a bewildering array of crisps. I mean really, hedgehog flavoured?
They also have a large number of ways to refer to pop.

And I'm sure many more will make themselves known. Lifts, lorries, nappies.

Given my general tendency to pick up the accent of whoever is speaking, I have a feeling my trips back to Canada will be comical.


Anonymous said...

A friend of mine had that difficulty when studying in France, as she made friends with all the Brits who were there. She never learned to say trousers instead of pants, and her friends always wondered why she kept changing her underwear before they could go out.

Please tell me you'll try the Hedgehog flavoured crisps. I can't imagine what they'd taste like.

Eaquae Legit said...

If they still make them. I promise to try weird crisp flavours, when I can find them.