08 September, 2008

Fun Mit Acronyms!

Well, I am now set to participate in the SSDMA* roundtable session and in the session "God's Cripples, Crazies, and Imbeciles" at the ICMS** It's good to have that very tiny chunk of org done.

Meanwhile, head for the hills, it's SSHRC*** time again! My supervisors will be writing me references, and it's nice that I will be able to draft my proposal based on some solid research and specific primary sources.


* The Society for the Study of Disability in the Middle Ages, for those who are just tuning in.
** International Congress on Medieval Studies, more commonly referred to as "K'zoo."
*** The Social Sciences and the Humanities Research Council, a major funding body for Canadian academics.


Elliot said...

I just learned of this whole SSHRC thing today. Rather intimidating but I do like grant money.

I've started reading a text on literacy in England in the Middle Ages and thought of you, not least because the author talks about the way literacy has been used to demarcate the normal from the disabled.

Alison Purnell said...

My post from last year of SSHRC is here: http://debilitasmentis.blogspot.com/2007/11/seeking-out-funding-part-first.html
I believe Paul also has SSHRC-writing experience.

What's the name of the text, if you don't mind? I'm always interested in that sort of book... :)