20 May, 2008

Parents Face Restraining Order for Austistic Son

This is just ludicrous. I hope the parents win. Jesus didn't say "Let the well-behaved little children come to me."

Apparently their son "fights when he's being restrained." Well, wouldn't you, if you were just going about your business and someone just threw you to the ground and held you there? Sometimes it's necessary when there's an imminent danger, but only a heartless jerk would expect him to be happy about being restrained. And the parents' response to the "sitting on him to keep him quiet" accusation is 100% normal for autistic kids. Some people just like the security of it. Just like I like my shoes tightly laced.

Why do I love l'Arche again? Oh yeah, that's why.


Jan said...

I like that the last sentence about hoping that this doesn't tarnish the church, it shows some pretty amazing faith by the mom.

Kirsten said...

Oh, good heavens. That's just ridiculous. Things that make me go "grrrrr..."