04 March, 2008


I had my lass class of the term today. What's up with that?

I did a decent job of Latin class today, I think. It was my day to teach and because I never feel like I get enough nice easy Aquinas, I inflicted him on everyone else. Well, I like doing it! We managed to whizz through it pretty quickly, and thanks to both That Horrible Philosophy Class and Excellent David, I think I sounded like I knew something.

I am going to take another stab at the UofT Latin exam again this April. Every chance I get till I pass it, honestly, since York is footing the bill. But with no formal Latin classes between now and the exam, those of us facing it have decided to meet informally to go over old exams and play scrabble. I'm seriously rusty. And hopefully I will get a chance to know my classmates better.

In other news, the absinthe party was a success, and I found a corner where I could chat with people and avoid the dancing. Absinthe is not really that tasty, unless you like licorice a lot.

And in funding news, I have not yet gotten a job, but I called a place yesterday and they said they'd get back to me this evening. Maybe I mistook what "evening" means, but I haven't heard from them yet. I will call again tomorrow. It would be nice to have a certain amount of income that I don't have to pay interest on.


Lucia Rosa said...

Congrats on finishing the term and teaching your class! What is this UofT exam you have to study for? And happy Feast of St. Thomas Aquinas! (That's if you look at the old calendar. On the new, it's Sts. Felicity & Perpetua, so a big day, either way.

Eaquae Legit said...

The UofToronto Medieval Latin exams are infamous. Two pages of Latin, no dictionary, 3 hours, GO! There's an MA-level one and a PhD-level one. At one of last year's writing clinic sessions, the presenter referred to the PhD version as "the hardest exam on campus." This past September, out of the dozens who took it, 3 passed.

And it's a degree requirement at UofT. I'm just taking it because I've been brainwashed so that I'll feel inadequate if I never pass it.

Happy feast day to you too!